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We help people to improve their wellbeing and mental health through volunteer conservation and wildlife gardening in Retford, Nottinghamshire. People are changing their lives step by step, doing useful work with supportive company, surrounded by nature at the Muddy Fork garden. Read more about our activities.

Seeing people develop keeps us working and motivated to help it happen. Read more about how Muddy Fork has helped people over the past 10 years. If you think Muddy Fork could be of benefit to you or someone you know, please take a look at our referrals forms or get in touch!

Solace, respite, purpose, escape

The Muddy Fork project is a special place you can find solace, respite, purpose, escape, a supportive network and yourself!  When you need a moment of calm – this is a full day!  You can be at one with nature or hands on with creative tasks. I think it’s very important… Read more “Solace, respite, purpose, escape”


We don’t judge

Before I started going to Muddy Fork I wouldn’t leave the house on my own not having confidence to do so. Then someone told me about Muddy Fork and what they do and they arranged a tester day and I loved it and now I’ve been there for about two to… Read more “We don’t judge”


Muddy Fork is able to continue doing what we do thanks to the generous help and donations from our amazing supporters and volunteers. Find out how you or your organisation can help to support Muddy Fork.

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Muddy Fork on BBC East Midlands Today

Following Muddy Fork’s recent success with winning the Green Award (Mental Wellbeing) at BBC Notts Make A Difference awards 2023, we were featured on BBC East Midlands Today on Monday’s show.

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